Polymer composite ditch element series

The rainwater drainage systems form an important part of traffic engineering and settlement planning. Due to various features of the ground along the railways tracks, it is necessary to build covered rainwater drainage systems in considerable length. MÁV-THERMIT Hegesztő Kft. (MAV-THERMIT Welding Ltd.) offers a new and unique technical solution for rainwater drainage.

The polymer composite ditch elements are made in four cross section sizes both in straight and bent execution and they can also be provided with cover plate, if necessary. Bent sections are made of prefabricated arched elements.


simple installation, low costs:

  • installation is made manually, no special machines are needed,

  • the elements can be cut to measure at installation,

  • the elements can be moved manually,

  • it is not necessary to close the track during installation at railway applications.

low maintenance costs:

  • expectable life time of the polymer composite drainage elements (which can be even 50 – 70 years) is longer than that of the iron concrete ditch elements,

  • it does not require any special maintenance,

  • it can be cleaned by machine, if necessary,

simple handling and transport:

  • the ditch elements can be stored and transported easily, if they are turned into each other,

  • due to their light weight, the full „loading section” of the transporting vehicles can be used.


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