Green Bridge and polymer composite footways, stairs, complementary structures

The walking surface and stairs of pedestrian overbridges built in the years 1970-80 were typically made of iron concrete but floorboard was also applied at certain places. The polymer composite bridge covering system solely distributed by MÁV-THERMIT Ltd. offers a solution for both the reconstruction of existing and covering of new structures.

All elements of the system are made of polymer composite material, so they carry in themselves the positive features of fiberglass reinforced plastics.

Elements of the system:

  • bridging structure,

  • stairhead,

  • walking surface,

  • stair (stair or stair cover),

  • bicycle pushing channel (in railway under- and overbridges),

  • suitcase pulling ramp.


  • after accurate survey and planning, worn surfaces can be renewed during a very short working time,

  • all elements can be cut to size,

  • elements are manufactured with vacuum infusion process,

  • long life time,

  • very low weight,

  • quick and easy installation,

  • low maintenance costs,

  • resistance against chemicals,

  • non-slipping and wear-resisting surface,

  • excellent mechanic features,

  • it can be built on existing frame structures,

  • it improves static features of the structure,

  • good rigidity and load capacity,

  • UV-resistant,

  • resistance against corrosion caused by salt, alkali and acid,


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