Polymer composite bridges

The system can be used well for substituting steel, wood and reinforced concrete structures. Meeting with special demands, it may offer a quick and economic alternative. On the basis of previous planning, the prefabricated elements can be built in quickly.


  • the bridge planned an manufactured according to demand is delivered fully assembled to the site,

  • aesthetic and quick solution,

  • various dimensions, execution according to demand,

  • light weight (more than ten times lighter than concrete) which results in lower load on the structure,

  • the walking surface built together with the supporting structure is lifted in one stage (with crane),

  • long life time (min 70 years),

  • corrosion resistant,

  • quick and cost-effective installation – five times less costs and ten times less time compared to concrete,

  • quick implementation,

  • limitation of railway and/or road traffic is negligible during installation.

Range of application:

  • it is also suitable for the installation of raised footways and bridges,

  • special bridge structures of areas of common use and parks,

  • in case of reconstruction of pedestrian under- and overpass crossings, it can be used for their provisional substitution.


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